1: Jim Parsons expresses doubt about Michael Keaton portraying older Sheldon in a potential spinoff.

2: Parsons states that he would be surprised if Keaton took on the role.

3: The actor discusses the possibility of Keaton playing an older version of his iconic character.

4: Parsons reflects on the idea of Keaton stepping into the role of Sheldon in a spinoff series.

5: The Big Bang Theory star shares his thoughts on the casting choice for a potential spinoff.

6: Parsons addresses the speculation surrounding Keaton playing an older Sheldon.

7: The actor expresses his amazement at the idea of Keaton in the role.

8: Parsons highlights the unique challenges of having Keaton portray an older version of Sheldon.

9: The potential spinoff raises questions about casting choices and the future of the beloved character.