1: Jim Parsons delighted fans by reprising his role as Sheldon Cooper for the Young Sheldon finale.

2: The actor called it the "nicest little coda" to his time on The Big Bang Theory.

3: Parsons shared his excitement about returning to the beloved character for the spin-off's last episode.

4: Fans were thrilled to see Sheldon and other Big Bang Theory characters in the Young Sheldon finale.

5: The actor's cameo in Young Sheldon brought a sense of closure to both shows' storylines.

6: Parsons' return as Sheldon Cooper was a heartwarming tribute to the popular sitcom's legacy.

7: The actor's appearance in the Young Sheldon finale left viewers with a sense of nostalgia and joy.

8: Fans praised Jim Parsons for his touching performance in the spin-off series' final episode.

9: Parsons' reprisal of his Big Bang Theory role for the Young Sheldon finale was a fitting end to the beloved character's journey.