1: 1. Samantha Wheeler opens her own law firm. 2. Harvey Specter mentors a troubled young lawyer.

2: 3. Mike Ross returns to New York City. 4. Louis Litt becomes a judge.

3: 5. Donna Paulsen runs for political office. 6. Rachel Zane starts a non-profit organization.

4: 7. Alex Williams uncovers a dark secret. 8. Katrina Bennett takes on a high-profile case.

5: 9. A familiar face from the past resurfaces. 10. Robert Zane fights for justice.

6: 11. A new power struggle shakes the firm. 12. Loyalties are tested among the partners.

7: 13. Old rivalries resurface with a vengeance. 14. The future of the firm hangs in the balance.

8: 15. Betrayal and redemption collide in unexpected ways. 16. Secrets from the past threaten to unravel everything.

9: 17. The stakes are higher than ever before. 18. Suits: The Beginning - coming soon.